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What is SuiteMoves?

As a small IT company, we know that you guys are smart but are often pushing for time and you just want tools that are cost effective and simply work. SuiteMoves is just that! It's a Windows app that makes copying a file system to the cloud as simple as a drag and drop. It's super easy, super fast, and super affordable. SuiteMoves does the thinking for you. Sound good? Read on!

Why do IT partners choose to use SuiteMoves?

There are many migrations tools out there, but why do IT partners choose to use SuiteMoves to migrage files to Office 365?

It's quick.

SuiteMoves utilises a unique two-step process to increase the number of parallel uploads. It makes the most of your internet connection and moves files fast!

It's accurate.

Migrate with confidence using SuiteMoves. We’ll verify your storage quota and any pre-existing files in SharePoint, then do a final check once your files are uploaded to make sure that there are no issues and that everything is accounted for.

It's easy.

Let SuiteMoves do the hard work for you. All you need to do is drag and drop your files onto the app and hit ‘migrate’!

Features that will change how you migrate

Learn more about a few of the most used features.


Migrate what you need

Pick and choose the file types to migrate, so your clients only migrate the files that they need to operate in the cloud.

Get There Quickly

SuiteMoves is lightning fast. It utilises our unique 2-step migration process to get your files into the Cloud quicker than anyone else. All the smarts but half the work.

Comprehensive Reports

When the migration is done, SuiteMoves will generate a report of any troublesome files and how you can manually migrate it into SharePoint.


Automated Process

All you need to do is drag and drop your file share onto the app, click "migrate" and SuiteMoves can do the rest.

Throttle It

If at anytime, SuiteMoves is migrating too fast, we introduced a throttle to the interface so you won't crunch up your data connection.

Verified and Connected

SuiteMoves verifies storage quota and any pre-existing files in SharePoint prior to the migration so you start the migration with confidence.

SuiteMoves migrates to Office 365 from anywhere.

+ and more platforms coming soon!


One Drive for Business

Google Drive

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Local Hard Drive

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